Garlic eScape Pickled Garlic

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sustainable & Organic

Discover the amazing taste of our pickled garlic! We choose only the best garlic and soak it in a special brine. It stays crispy and has a yummy flavor.

Guess what? Garlic is good for you! It can help your body in many ways, like keeping your heart healthy and making you stronger. Plus, it helps your immune system fight off bad stuff. Our pickled garlic is made for everyone in your family!

You can enjoy it in different ways. Eat it with cheese and crackers, mix it into your salads, or use it as a special seasoning in your dishes. It's like a tasty snack straight from the jar! And here's a cool tip: the garlic brine can add extra flavor to your salads and meats.

Try our fantastic pickled garlic and add a delicious twist to your meals!

Garlic eScape Farm *Hard Neck Garlic
*organically sourced

Shelf stable, refrigerate for longer storage

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